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How to Join

Thank you for considering Smoky Mountain Volleyball Academy!  If you haven't done so already, we encourage you and your athlete to review our coaching staff, our event operating procedures (skills assessments are open to the family members in November and December, practices are closed to the public thereafter), and our costs to make sure our club suits your needs.  We also recommend that athletes review the USA Volleyball Code of Conduct with their families, and that parents review the Parent's Code of Conduct.

If you've chosen Smoky Mountain Volleyball Academy as the right fit for you, the registration process below ensures every athlete has the best and safest season possible.  We will be as brief and transparent as possible!  When you are ready to begin, please follow the directions below:

At this time, we are collecting information for those interested in attending our tryout periods in November and December.  November dates are tryouts only, December dates will begin club practice with second-chance tryouts for those who cannot attend in November.  We will use assessments to build travel teams and fill our development league (please note, there is currently no plan for a boys travel team, however we are happy to include them in our developmental league at ages 12 and under).


Please submit the registration form below if your athlete(s) is interested in attending.  We have finalized our pricing for tryouts: any combination or all of our tryout dates in November will cost $100, any combination or all of our practices/tryouts in December will cost $80.  We will send a reminder email prior to November and December dates.  Thank you for considering Smoky Mountain Volleyball Academy, we hope to see you soon!! 

Skills Assessment Registration

Planned Attendance (6-9pm):
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