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How to Join

This page is undergoing changes, please contact us for more information prior to our return date (11/2).


Thank you for considering Smoky Mountain Volleyball Academy!  If you haven't done so already, we encourage you and your athlete to review our coaching staff, our event operating procedures (skills assessments are open to the family members in November and December, practices are closed to the public thereafter), and our costs to make sure our club suits your needs.  We also recommend that athletes review the USA Volleyball Code of Conduct with their families, and that parents review the Parent's Code of Conduct.

You will be registering with USA Volleyball and Carolina Region Volleyball, which has an annual fee of $55.  This is a single registration process, but the fee will show up as TWO individual charges ($25 goes to the national USA Volleyball organization, and $30 goes to the Carolina Regional Volleyball organization).  Registration is managed via Sportsengine, and you will need to create an account if you don't already have one.  You only need one Sportsengine account per household, even if you have multiple athletes or parents participating from the same household.    This registration fee can be partially refundable, information on which can be found here

If you've chosen Smoky Mountain Volleyball Academy as the right fit for you, the registration process below ensures every athlete has the best and safest season possible.  We will be as brief and transparent as possible!  When you are ready to begin, please follow the directions below:

You will need to create, verify, and sign-in to a SportsEngine account (this should be done by the athlete's parent or guardian with the parent or guardian's information!).  Please do this first!  Clicking the button below will open a new page so you don't lose these directions.  If you already have an account, simply login before moving to the next step.

All logged in?  Great!  Click the button below to register and join Smoky Mountain Volleyball Academy!  When you register, make sure to select 22-23 Carolina Region Junior Player (NOT an outdoor player).  We also recommend registering for the entire season, as single event registrations becoming expensive very quickly!  AT THIS TIME, WE ARE ONLY ACCEPTING REGISTRATIONS FOR OUR JV SQUAD VIA EMAIL.  CLICKING THE REGISTER BUTTON WILL CAUSE AN EMAIL PROMPT TO OPEN.

Below is a visual guide to the process (this will be too small to see on a mobile device, computer is recommended!) - if you're still stuck in the net, send us an email and include your phone number so we can help you over the phone, or plan to work with our staff before you attend your first session!

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